Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas

These last few weeks have been really rough in the art department. Every time lately I touched my pencil to the paper...complete crap oozed out... the spark of inspiration hit me today, so hopefully I can get outta this funk and continue getting better.

Guarden Wars- attempt at painting (W.I.P. for sure)

Quick character sketch

A sketch I did for my girlfriend


Unknown said...

that gnome is awesome. load it on DA so i can fav the hell outta it plz.

Clever Blue said...

Hey nice work!
I like the concept of the flamingo thing!
and the last sketch is funny. Reminds me of our little war we had going on! ~_^

Anonymous said...

nice to see you posted that butcher. And DO MORE GNOMES ON EPIC MOUNTS. cuz hes cool